One of the first games I've made.   Created for my GMD 110 class.

Knock enemy red turtles off the ledge, to summon portals to higher levels.

WASD keys to move.

SPACE to ram forward.

Bug: If you play the game using Unities full screen, enemy turtles won't move, and player will move slowly.


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I agree with Myreon, though I'm not sure if I'd say it's the controls so much, it's more so just that the ram mechanic doesn't seem to do that much from my few minutes of playing. Improving that would make it easier to start.

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Hey eric 

I like the concept of it but the controls are difficult to work with.

I love the design and how the animation of the turtle comes out at first before it starts spinning. 

Thanks for the feedback!

I fixed the controls a bit, so hopefully when I upload the final project it'll be better.  I might tweak the bash some more, but right now you're gonna want to use it sparingly.